All of our puppies go to approved homes only.
We also want to make sure we that we pair each buyer with the perfect puppy to fit their lifestyle.
Highlight the whole questionnaire, copy and paste it to your email fill it out and email it back to us.
We will get back to you as soon as possible.





                                               Phone #: (home)

                                               Phone #: (Cell)


                                               1. What do you want male or female?

                                               2. What color?

                                               3. If the litter of your choice does not produce the color you want would you be
                                                   interested in another color?               

                                               4. Are you wanting limited or full registration?

                                               5. If full then why?

                                               6. Do you own or rent your home?

                                               7. Is this going to be and inside or outside dog?

                                               8. Will the dog have a fenced in yard to play in?

                                               9. How many hours a day will this dog be left alone?

                                               10. Who will be the primary care giver?

                                               11. What energy level are you looking for?

                                               12. Do you do a lot of outside activities?

                                               13. Will you send us pictures and keep us updated on the progress of the dog?

                                               14. Do you understand that if you can no longer care for this dog or if you want to get rid of the dog for any reason it is to be returned to Maher Dane's.                                           

                                               15. Do you understand that if you place a deposit on a puppy that it is NON-REFUNDABLE?

                                               16. Do you have any questions or comments?
                                                17. Did you read, understand and agree with the Health Guarantee and limited registration agreement?

                                                18.  Where did you hear about us?  If the internet what site?
                                                19.  If the puppy is being sold with full registration the puppy name must start with Maher Dane's.  Do you understand this?
                                                 20.  Do you agree to never file suit against us the breeder?

                                                 21.  Do you understand that this a legally binding document?  

                                                 22.  Why do you want a Great Dane?      

                                                 Print Name Here:

Health Guarantee 

 We do have a 1 year or until the dog is 12 months of age health guarantee against any fatal or life altering hereditary
 issues. If this happens an autopsy is required to determine the cause of death.
This must be proven by a licensed Veterinarian and proof must be given
to the breeder.  If this were to happen a replacement puppy of the same
quality will be given to the owner as soon as a puppy is available (after all families
with deposits have received a puppy).  We never guarantee any accidental
or preventable injury, illness or deaths that are not genetic.  
No cash will ever
be refunded, NO exceptions.  No Veterinarian bills will be paid by seller once
the buyer receives the puppy.  All Veterinary bills are the full responsibility of
the buyer.  If bought on limited registration the buyer must have the dog spayed
or neutered by the age of 1 year but not before 9 months.  After the breeder
has seen proof from a licensed Veterinarian, the AKC limited registration papers
will be given to the buyer.The dog can never be registered under any other
registry except AKC.If this happens buyer will pay seller $3,000 in addition to the
purchase price of the puppy. This guarantee does not cover issues that the
Great Dane breed commonly has, ncluding but not limited to: allergies,
cherry eye, demodex mange, bloat, entropian as these are all common 
with Danes.  No Veterinarian bills will EVER be paid by the seller once the buyer
has received the puppy.  Early spay or neuter VOIDS your guarantee.  Buyer Must
have the puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian within 72 hours of receiving the 
puppy or the health guarantee is VOID.